Stars Get Glowing for The Oscars with OXYJET!

The OXYJET GO System supplies your skin with micro-encapsulated oxygen and will:

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Immediate results after one treatment!

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The first home and travel facial device that transports active ingredients in the skin without damaging the skin. Builds collagen, hyaluron, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and reduces pigmentation irregularities

Serum 1

OXYJET 1 Serum releases molecular oxygen and is the base of the treatment. By providing the skin with micro-encapsulated oxygen, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and hydrating factors, the skin is visibly improved.

Serum 2

OXYJET 2 Serum is intended to give your skin more volume from the inside out and makes skin tissue look fuller. The area around the eyes becomes more even, whereby moisture accumulations and dark circles are noticeably reduced.

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