Questions about OXYJET GO treatment and associated products

For anyone who has healthy skin.

We always advise you to treat a clean skin. For this you can clean the skin with, for example, a mild cleansing gel, a foam or milk and carefully and gently dry the skin. A cleaning should be done both in the morning and in the evening. A clean skin is already the first step towards a beautiful skin.
If you want more advice on cleaning products that are suitable for your skin condition, you can, of course, contact us without obligation.

The OXYJET GO products 1 and 2 have been specially developed for the OXYJET GO device and are fully coordinated in terms of composition and also promote the result of home treatment. The products are also tested by an independent institute “Dermatest in Münster Germany” in combination with the OXYJET GO.

These are completely free of parabens, perfume, alcohol and Pegs and are also tested by Dermatest and have received the predicate “excellent”.

The OXYJET GO device is designed to treat your entire face. You can also treat the areas that require a little more attention and love, such as around the mouth and lips, the nose-lips-fold, around the eyes (CAUTION: Not on the eyelid itself but the zone under the eye and the hard part beneath your eyebrow!) the Froons wrinkle and cross wrinkles on the forehead. A detailed description with photos step by step can be found in the accompanying brochure.

Extra tip: You can also alternate between them by also treating your neck and décolleté extra!

In order to build up a depot of active substances in your skin and obtain a fresher, nicer and even complexion, we advise you to use the appliance in the beginning 3 times a week, for a period of 4 weeks in the evening. With 1 treatment-free day between them. When you have completed the 4 weeks cycle we advise you to do the maintenance 1 times a week to replenish the depot with active ingredients.

Of course you can do a freshening up when, where and as often as you want. The OXYjet Go can be used all year round, suitable for any skin condition, any age, male or female.

It is safe to use the OXYJET GO every morning and evening if you wish.

  • Visibly reduce your lines and wrinkles
  • Vitalise your skin with molecular oxygen
  • Provide more volume and elasticity
  • Improve your skin’s blood circulation
  • Intensive hydration and smooths your skin
  • Reduce pigmentation irregularities

Immediately visible results after only one treatment

  • Take 4 – 5 drops of the OXYjet Go 1 serum and divide it over the entire face. This way you provide your skin with oxygen which gives energy and pigment regulating active ingredients. This creates a basis for every OXYjet Go treatment.
  • You then start treating, for example, the zone that you want to give more attention to such as, around the mouth, the nose-lips-fold, around the eyes, frosty wrinkle or transverse wrinkles on e.g. The forehead and for this you take the OXYjet Go 2 serum. 1 to 2 drops per zone.
  • The treatment you can do is the whole countenance and the zones of your choice, between extra attention to the aforementioned zone’s or you can also make an alternation between face and areas and neck and décolleté.

The pulsating pressure system:

  • With a precisely tuned pressure system, the specially developed products OXYjet GO 1 and 2 are deeply inserted into the skin.

A spray system:

  • When the application of the spray system is also called flow, you can gently massage the skin and reduce fluid accumulations around the eyes

The OXYJET GO device and its products 1 and 2 have been tested by the renowned institute: Dermatest in Münster Germany.

Dermatest’s findings are:

  • The OXYJET GO sneaking active ingredients deep into the skin into the dermis
  • The epidermal intercellular spaces are padded, the volume of the skin increases.
  • A depot of active ingredients is formed.
  • The skin remains intact and undamaged

The OXYJET GO device has been developed for a maximum treatment duration of 20 minutes. After this 20 minutes, it turns off automatically. The Ledring will also change from blue to red light as a warning.

In addition to the OXYJET GO treatment, we recommend that you include the products in your daily skincare routine. This optimizes the result and retains it.

You should take at least 12 full facial treatments from the OXYJET GO serums if you are treating according to the guidelines. If you do not treat your entire face, you can of course do longer with the serums.

The OXYJET GO treatment consists of 12 treatments in the first month and then 1 treatment per week for the preservation of the result.

General questions

Nora Bode Kosmetik was founded in 1986 and since 1994 founder and inventor of the orginal oxygen treatment and oxygen equipment with unique oxygen pressure system “OXYJET” and associated treatment and care products. Handmade in Germany.
The professional equipment is used by beauty salons, clinics, medical practices, skin therapists and spas worldwide.

This long-year knowledge and experience is the basis of the OXYJET GO with pressure system anno 2019. Designed, developed and produced by Nora Bode in Germany.

Turn off the OXYjet GO completely, take it from the power and let it cool for at least 1 hour.

Always remove the appliance from the power and clean the appliance only with a damp cloth, do not rinse under water!

If more than one person uses the OXYJET GO, we recommend cleaning the gold-coloured nozzle in between with a cotton-alcohol (70).

Please contact us at any time, we will gladly help you personally.

The OXYJET GO only works on power and several adapters are supplied as standard so that you can use the device anywhere in the world.

The OXYJET GO comes with 5 different power adapters that can be easily adjusted by means of a click System. These adapters are suitable for the EU, CN, AU, UK and USA so you can use your OXYjet GO anywhere in the world.

The serums 1 and 2 are specially developed for the OXYJET GO. A study created by the rendered institute “Dermatest in Münster Germany shows that the products build up a depot of active substances that fill the skin from within and in the long term generate a regeneration – anti-aging effect and Result.
We cannot guarantee this with other products and/or exclude any skin reactions!

Warranty is in accordance with the European buy and guarantee directive, namely 2 years.

We do not recommend this because this device is not suitable for long-term beauty treatments. The OXYJET GO will automatically switch off after 20 minutes to prevent overheating after that, the OXYJET GO must cool for 1 hour.

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